Job Interview Tips and Answers Why did you quit?
Job Interview Tips and Answers , Why did you quit?
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Dealing with Questions
"Why are you leaving for present job?"
"Why did you quit the last job?"
"Why do you want to quit the present job?"
"Why are you looking for new job? Is present job no good?"

Interviewer who asks this question might not be looking for the truth of your last job. But rather than that, he is trying to dig out your aptitude of working. What things you put the first in your work, your personal goal or company's interest.

But no matter what motivates the interviewers to ask, do not black mouth your previous employer(s). No matter how you have been treated badly or unfairly in your present or last job, you should not directly criticize your employers. This is not professional and you would lead the interviewers to some unwanted worry about how you would say about them if he/she employs you afterwards.

Rather than that, you should bring out your career goals and targets and objectively discuss your present /last job. Trying to discuss with the interviewers about possible "misalignment" of your expectations with your present job and how hard you have tried to bring improvements to that but somehow you have got stuck in it.

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