The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Job Interviewees
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The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Job Interviewees

Learn these habits and incorporate them into your job-seeking life.
Enjoy your success in job hunting.

Habit 1
Bear in mind the important
"Business Problem Concept of Job Hunting"

You should present yourself as someone who comes to solve your recruiters' business problem, not yours. That is the only reason your interviewers would want to interview you.

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Habit 2
You are not invincible.

Accept this as a fact. You are not supposed to be able to answer every question in job interviews. But you can always handle tough questions with ease if you know this technique.

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Habit 3
Take it easy

You should understand that you are not "at war" with your interviewers. You come to the interview because you want to understand more about the job and your prospective employer. The interviewers have the same goal in mind.

Relax and do your best. An interview is a good chance to make friends with your interviewers. Understand them and let them understand you. If it doesn't work out, it's no big deal. You have already gained something by knowing more people in your field and understanding more about your strengths and weaknesses.

Habit 4
Keep smiling throughout the interview

People like nice person. Are you pleasant and nice? The most effective body language to achieve this is smiling. Don't just smile at your interviewers but everyone you meet over the course of the interview: the receptionist, the secretary, etc.

Habit 5
Do your best to help your interviewers.

Offer to help them look for suitable candidates for their other openings. And make friends with them by sharing information like business trend and personal interests (e.g. sports). Make use of the techniques I outline in the article

Habit 6.
Follow up on your interview

Send them a thank-you letter. Ask them about the stages to follow in their hiring process and call them to get an update. You can simply call them up and offer to share with them the information outlined in Habit 5 that you didn't mention in the interview.

Habit 7
Do your best and let it go.

You should accept the reality that even though you are very good and you have done your best in the interview, you might not be accepted for the offer. There are million reasons behind; you might be "too expensive", "too senior" or there might simple be someone who is slightly better than you in some aspects. Sometimes it also happens that the employers withdraw the hire because of a sudden budget cut.

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What matters is that don't get frustrated. It doesn't help . The worst of all, your frustration will affect your performance in your next interview. So handle your frustration and move on

Final words

I hope the seven habits can help you get a job faster. What is important is I hope you can learn to enjoy the process rather than treating job interview as a big challenge to your career advancement. It is a game - a game to let you know more people; a game to let you practice your presentation skills; and a game to let you understand yourself and your career direction better.

From the Desk of
Damen Choy

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