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From the Desk of Damen.........

Do you wonder why you do not get any response to every single application letter you've sent out?

Do you have the problem of answering interview questions no matter how many times you have practised in front of the mirror?

Do you wonder why you only feel frustrated rather than hopeful every time after an interview with your potential recruiter?

Here, I show you why.........

It is because

You have not mastered the core concept of job hunting.

You have no idea what to write and where to put the most important section in your cover letter.

You are clueless about the most crucial moment in your job interview- it is not the time you are answering questions from interviewers.

Confused? Read on.........

Hi friends, I am Damen, the author of the book "A Better Job Interview, Questions and Techniques" ISBN: 1-4100-0065-6

I run a recruitment firm in Hong Kong/China. I have helped many international big corporations set up their operation bases in Asia/Pacific area. This job requires me to meet job seekers from the US, Europe and other regions. I have studied thousands of cover letters and resumes and interviewed many candidates for the past five years. I am the best person to tell you why you are not recruited, and how you can make yourself stand out from other candidates in the job market.

I have seen many competent people who constantly fail to get a job because they don't master the important technique in writing cover letters, building resumes and attending job interviews. I call this the "Job Hunting Tri-angular Skills". The worst of all, they think they have already mastered them because they have a good "profile" and sound educational background.

Recruiters choose people not because of what they really are, but how they perform the Tri-angular Skills. No matter how good you think you are, you'll never be recruited if you don't master these skills.

Remember, you are as you are perceived to be.

You might have a question now: "I'm confused and I don't know what to do now."

Don't worry. I am going to tell you right now how to turn yourself around.

Grab my booklet "Surefire Tactics for Writing Cover Letter and Attending Job Interviews", spend the next twenty minutes on it and you'll find yourself already mastering the core Tri-angular Skills.

In this 25-page booklet, you'll learn
  • The core concept of job hunting- you need to know what the interviewers concern about, not you
  • Where to write your important message in your cover letter
  • How to structure your cover letter that guarantees you an interview opportunity
  • What to do the moment after you enter the interviewers' office and what to do before you leave their office - it can boost your interview success rate by 300%
  • What to do when you don't know how to answer interviewers' questions..

The secrets in this booklet are so powerful that I might not give it out for free for a long time. Grab the chance before it goes away.


Damen LC Choy
Director, i-TotalSearch Consulting Ltd

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P.S. If you are interested in my book, visit http://www.a-better-job-interview.com.

P.P.S It is also available at Amazon.com http://www.itotalsearch.com/amazondotcom.html

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