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The Shorter your resume, the more Powerful it is

Occasionally, I receive resumes that span up to three to four pages. The truth is, the last two pages will never be read. I don't have time to study each resume in detail, and I'm sure almost all recruiters don't.

In fact, the best resume should have one page only. Yes, you got it, one page.

Remember the one-third page rule I talked about before? If you have not read that article, check it out first at

It applies to resume writing as well. Put the most important stuff in the one-third-page area. We'll talk more about that later.

How to shorten your resume? Here are some techniques:

  • Limit your personal details to one or at most two lines only. Don't spread it to several lines for it is not necessary.
  • Use bullet points whenever possible. Write your work history and education in point form.
  • Eliminate pronouns such as "I" in your descriptions.
  • Use active voice as much as possible to make your sentences neat and tidy.
  • List your work history and education in reverse chronological order. Emphasise your most recent job . If possible, skip the earlier jobs that are too remote

Remember to include all miscellaneous information such as your personal interests in one single line at the end of your resume.

Job seekers are tempted to include everything in their resumes. It is not the right way to present yourself. Remember, your recruiters are only interested in how you can solve their business problems. Include the information that is relevant to this requirement. Read my article on Business Problem Concept in Job Hunting at

You can communicate effectively only if you can present information within a specific framework of time and space and at the same time help your audience and readers digest what you are trying to convey.

So start to aim your resume for one page. This is a challenge to practise your writing and communication ability. Take this as an exercise and you'll soon find yourself being able to write a shorter but better resume.

In fact, most of these skills are investigated in my special report "Resume Success Tips". It is now included as a bonus to those who purchased the book "A Better Job Interview - Questions and Techniques" at

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