Remove the Limiting Beliefs that Hinder You from Peak Performance in Job Hunting
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Remove the Limiting Beliefs that Hinder You from Peak Performance in Job Hunting

Many people find job hunting a frustrating process. They blame the interviewers. They blame the economy. They blame themselves. They blame everything they can think of to explain why they cannot get a job. Some candidates even blame themselves because they think they are not "good looking".

The way to turn this process into an interesting and enjoyable one is to change your inner attitude. You might not be able to change your environment. You might not be able to change the general market conditions. You might not be able to change your appearance. But you can always change one thing: how you view yourself and the whole interview process.

How can you do this? The first step is to remove all the self-limiting beliefs you carry in your mind:

"I don't deserve a good job. I'm not good enough."

You are a unique person and you have enormous power over your own mind. You can achieve whatever you want to achieve. It is just a matter of believing in yourself. To reach the highest performance in your resume-building and job interviewing, you have to have confidence in yourself first. The impression you make and your presentation actually reflect what is inside your mind. Remember the article I wrote about how to increase your power of persuasion? If you have not read it, read it here:

"The interviewers are going to challenge me on the weaknesses I have. In fact, I have too many weaknesses. I really want to cover up myself as much as possible on those points. I'm afraid."

In my experience and opinion, interviewers are mostly concentrating on finding your strengths, rather than your weaknesses. In fact, they don't know much about you. They certainly can't pinpoint as many of your weaknesses as you can! When you prepare your interview, concentrate on what you have, rather than what you don't have. This makes you more positive and confident when attending interviews.

The interviewers are not intending to insult or challenge you in the interview. They just want to know if you fit their requirements. It is your job to let them know your strengths as they relate to their business problems. You're not in the confrontational relationship with interviewers that you may have imagined.

"There are far too many candidates applying for the same job. There are many who are better than me. I have no chance. I hate this game. I have no way to control it."

You're right that there is a lot of competition. In fact, the more attractive an opening is, the more people are going to be going for it!

Accept this as a fact, but also accept that the other job seekers are facing the same problem as you. You have no way to control the results; the only thing you can control is yourself. Don't get too frustrated if you are not offered the position in the end. There are a million reasons behind it. If you have not read my special report on the secrets of why people are not hired, subscribe the newsletter and get it.

It does not help you to be too invested in the result of your interviews. It erodes your confidence and increases your anxiety, and affects your job hunting performance. Keep this in mind: "You do your best, God will do the rest".

Just let it go. You'll have peace of mind and you'll soon find yourself enjoying the process rather than hating it.

You can always change how you think and view the world. Remember, it is not the world that goes against you. It is you who choose to go against the world. You can change that choice.

Remember these limiting beliefs and watch yourself change and grow in the interview process!

From the Desk of
Damen Choy

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