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15 Minutes a Day Keeps the Evil Away
Our lives are very busy, sometimes
too busy. So it is very easy for us to get
distracted by what is going on in our surroundings
every day instead of focusing on the big picture,
our goals in life. Gradually, we become lost. We
lose our direction.

There is a simple, but effective, exercise you can
do everyday. It is "daydreaming".

Yes, that's right. Daydreaming!

Here is how.....
01 Jun 2005 by damen

The five core attributes that HR people is looking for
Why do you need to know how HR people screen job seekers?
You need to know because it helps you prepare for job

There are five core attributes that HR people screen for.
You need to know what those attributes are in order to be
fully prepared. The five attributes are:

- Experience
- Conceptual power
- Character
- Job-related skills
- Education
01 Jun 2005 by damen

Know Thyself - Know Thy Career Direction
I have been using Enneagram - a character classification
system to aid my coaching activities with my candidates and
sometimes my clients and customers for quite a while (more on
coaching techniques later). I've found it very useful and
effective in enhancing the effectiveness of the coaching.

I believe that by understanding how our personality works in
each of us, we are able to distinguish between and understand
the motivation forces that affect our inner self and our
subsequent behavior in response to these forces.

Try our free sample test licensed from Enneagram Institute
01 Jun 2005 by damen

Newsletter: Get The Salary You Deserve: Using the Right Strategy in Salary Negotiation
When you are asked about your salary expectation in a job
interview, how do you respond?

If you answer right away without a strategy, you need to
rethink your approach.

The fact is that sharing your expectations puts you at an
immediate disadvantage.
05 Nov 2004 by damen

Newsletter: Superman Remains Super Forever In Our Minds
Well-known actor Christopher Reeves, who starred in the
"Superman" movies, as well as the films "Somewhere in Time"
and "Deathtrap", died on October 10, 2004.

Was his life a tragedy? Many people would look at him and
say "yes."

To him, it was not. He chose instead to have an incredibly
positive attitude and belief in himself and in life.......
05 Nov 2004 by damen

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