Job Interview Tips and Answers: The market position of your prospective employers
Job Interview Tips and Answers , market position of your prospective employers
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Interview Questions
"Do you know the market position of your prospective employers?"

1. Do you know any players in this particular field?
2. Do you know the biggest player in our field?
3. What do you think is the most threatening competitors in your field? Why?
4. How do you find your present company's market positioning?

To understand the field you are working on is the measurement how committed you are in your field. Those questions would not be difficult for salesperson to answer. But I noticed many internal function staff like accounting, administration or human resources people does not have a profound knowledge on the market their company is competing. So get prepared for your existing company marketing position and the competition as well. If you do not what to start, study the market your company is engaged in by collecting advices from your sales and marketing colleague. They usually can point out some important sources of information you can access in your company for this. The management accounting people would usually have many companies' performance data that can be shared with you (if possible to be revealed)

If you are new to the market that you are applying, then you have to make bigger effort to collect the information yourselves. Nowadays we have the Internet to help. You can easily search and collect some relevant information from the website of the company that you are applying for job. Study especially the news and press release because those usually contain some information the management is proud of. You then have more topics to be raised during the interview.

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