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Keep Talking After Formal Interview Time

Don't scram the interview room quietly, talk to your interviewers!

Imagine the following scene after your interview¡K..

You sweat and talk and finally you come to the end of the interview. After shaking hands with interviewers, did you leave the room immediately without even looking back?

If you did, you've lost the valuable time to beat other candidates.

I know you are relieved. You are relieved from the pressure and tense of interview and you are glad you've finally made it. But how can you follow up on your interview? How do you know what they are thinking about you? That is the reason you should do something at that moment.

In fact, the time after the formal interview is the time the interviewers are relaxed from the strain of the interview. This is when you can find out the most from them.

If the interviewers accompany you to the door, grab this chance to talk!

You can ask them what they think about the interview with you and what causes them the headache of hiring new staff. You can pick up lots of important information from there.

What matters is that you should bring yourself closer to the interviewers.

The most effective strategy is to offer them some interesting topics that you promise you can get back with more information later on. Why? It gives you excuse to call them back.

The so called "interesting topics" can be work-related or not. For example, if you notice that the interviewer is interested in golf (when you found some golf equipment or medals in the room), then you can say that you can offer him/her some useful information on this area BUT unfortunately you do not have this on hand. (In fact, it does not matter if you have this or not, you can do the homework afterwards : ). So you are going to call him/her back for more.

I use the word "Social Engineering" taken from Information Security Area to describe this technique.

This is extracted from my second book on job interview tactics to be released in the coming autumn. Enjoy!

From the Desk of
Damen Choy

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