Job Interview Tips and Answers: Do you think money is important in your life?
Job Interview Tips and Answers , Do you consider money is important in your life
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Interview Questions
"Do you think money is important in your life?"
"What is more important in your criteria for jobs? Money or Challenges?"

When talking about money, always balance the importance of it by the eternal goals it can help you attain. Remember to comment that money is only a tool. The motivations behind getting money is to help you achieve your dreams and visions in life.

So perhaps it is also a good time for you to share your view on life, your view on how to motivate yourself towards your goals in life and how you manage to overcome obstacles.

For the criteria to choose your ideal job, I think most of you would undoubtedly advocate the challenges and opportunity to learn rather than monetary rewards. Remember, the employers are expecting similar answer. So your ˇ§standardˇ¨ response is not going to do you any goodness among other candidates. What make you outstanding is again how your view money against other values in life. Be realistic, apart from stressing your desire to improve yourself and to learn, you should clarify your concept of money. You do need it. There is nothing wrong to look for better salary and benefits for your rewarding services.

So describe yourself to be a confident employee who does regard a healthy and fair pay is also your expectation because you deserve it.

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