How to increase your productivity and achieve everything you want in life
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How to increase your productivity and achieve everything you want in life

Are you busy every day but somehow you still fail to finish your tasks in a timely manner?

Do you have goals in your mind that have been with you for a long time but you've never figured out the steps to achieve them?

Do you have the habit of finishing something at the last minute?

I'm going to tell you how to change from head-to-toe with just a little technique.

By using scratch pads to write down your to-do list, you're going to:

  • Accomplish every goal in your mind.
  • Finish your tasks on-time and in a systematic manner.
  • Never regret what you have done or not done.
  • Increase your productivity by 10-fold, believe it or not?
  • Achieve your long term goals in a clear and systematic manner. You will know clearly the steps you need to take and how to accomplish them.

How to do it?

First, get two scratch pads.

Find a quiet place where you can sit comfortably and not be disturbed by anyone.

Take out the first scratch pad. Write down every thing you want -- no matter whether it is difficult or easy to be achieved.

A tangible thing could be a house, a luxurious car, a diamond ring, an expensive watch, etc.

For an intangible thing, it could be love, a good marriage, respect from people, etc.

Don't examine or criticize your thoughts. Just write them down. This is a brain-dump step. It may take you more than an hour to complete this exercise. I know someone who took more than six hours to write down everything.

While I have used the word "write," do not feel limited to using words only for the exercise. I encourage you to use pictures if they help you see more clearly what you want to achieve. If you want a new car, draw it on the paper. Don't worry if you don't know how to draw. Believe that you can and draw it. Pictures have greater effects on our subconscious mind.

Or you can use mind mapping method recommended by Tony Buzan in his book The Mind Map Book: How to Use Radiant Thinking to Maximize Your Brain's Untapped Potential.

Okay, you have taken the first step on the path to achieving your dreams.

The Second Step

Now onto the second step. This time, use the same writing pad to write down any task you have to complete. You can include immediate tasks, like cleaning the bathroom and paying bills, that you have to finish by the same day. Also write down some less urgent ones like getting a physical, having your car tuned up, or fixing the windows. It doesn't matter if they require immediate attention or not, just write them down. And again, if using pictures is easier, go with that.

The Third Step

Okay, once you've finished this list, take out the second scratch pad. Based on all the things you have jotted down on the first pad, build your to-do list on this second one. Write down all things you have to do in order to realize the goals and dreams you have put down. As you go, prioritize the items in the to-do list. Write down first those immediate tasks you have to accomplish that day. Then list those you have to do that week to achieve your objectives and goals. And then write those you have to accomplish within the coming month.

If you make a mistake or two in the listing, don't worry - this is your list. Cross out the wrong items and rewrite them as much as you want.

This second scratch pad is your actual working pad. Review and revise the to-do list everyday. When you have finished one task, cross it out and move to the next one.

You can use pens or highlighters of different colors to amend and add new things to this second scratch pad. You can draw pictures as well to signify important tasks or to mark significant accomplishments and milestones.

What do you do now with your first scratch pad?

With the first pad, go back to revise it every other week. Spend at least an hour every time. Again, use pictures and pens of different colors to do it.

What to do with the second scratch pad

Then rework your second scratch pad list as needed and continue to work from this pad every day. Add new tasks and cross out those you have done. If you have prioritized them, just do them one by one in order.

Soon you'll find you are more productive and more organized in your work and life.

Final Words:

The above method is just a model one. I have seen people using different variations of it. Some use a tape recorder to record down the to-do list everyday. Some just use one scratch pad and write down everything on it. Instead of one, I use three. The extra one is used for recording those sudden ideas that pop into my mind. I'll talk more about this third scratch pad in the future.

Do it today and adapt this method to what works best for you. You'll soon find your productivity increase significantly and you'll never miss another deadline for those important tasks in your life. Instead, you'll find yourself consistently moving toward your goals step by step and feeling great.

From the Desk of
Damen Choy

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