Job Interview Tips and Answers How to conquer a job interview for a sales position?
Job Interview Tips and Answers , How to conquer a job interview for a sales position?
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How to conquer a job interview for a sales position?

How to outshine other applicants for a sales position? The key is how successfully you can sell to your interviewer. Here are some bottom-line strategies:

  • Product knowledge. You must understand the market and the products/services your potential employer is offering. Demonstrate your exceptional knowledge of the targeted market in the interview. However, bear in mind that you should only do this to the line manager, not the human resources people because they are obviously not the most suitable audience for your presentation.
  • Dress professionally with pleasant appearance. Remember to show your confidence in meeting with customer to your potential employer.
  • Present your name card to your interviewer as if you are meeting with your customer. Shake hands or use the local form of greeting during a formal customer meeting.

By doing so, you are ensured that at least you'll not be eliminated from the pool of candidates the interviewer is considering.

What is the more aggressive way to "promote" yourself then?

Before the Interview:

Prepare a sales presentation and marketing proposal on the assumption that you are selling your employer's products/services. Bring extra copies with you to the interview.

During the Interview:

Take the initiative to ask for a formal presentation so that you can present or sell the company's products to your interviewer. This demonstrates your enthusiasm for the job and at the same time impresses the interviewer with your ability to sell.

If time does not permit, or the interviewer seems not interested in the proposal, pass on your presentation materials to the interviewer. Remember to bring more than one copy so as to increase the chance of your presentation to reach other decision makers.

After the Interview:

Follow up with a thank-you letter and phone call, telling the interviewer how happy you are after the interview and would like to hear any comment from him/her regarding your presentation and personal profile.

What to prepare for the marketing proposal?

  • Simulate a sales presentation scenario to sell your interviewer's product. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation with handouts as if you are meeting with a new customer.
  • Prepare a business plan with the projected business volume you can accomplish within half a year. Employer wants to hear how you can contribute to the company's revenue growth. This report could be a magic wand if you can include a list of potential customers you are going to target after you get on board.

Our experience shows that candidates who follow this plan can increase their chance of successful employment by 300%.

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