Job Interview Tips and Answers Get a good referee for your success in job seeking
Job Interview Tips and Answers , Get a good referee for your success in job seeking
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Interview Technique
Get a good referee for your success in job seeking

One thing the employers always want to have is a background and reference check of the candidates interviewed. No matter you are going through the consultant or yourself to apply for a job, please have some "ready" referees whom the employers can contact for soliciting your information.

The best referee is your previous employer (your direct boss and the most senior management of your previous employer). And the second choice is your peers in your previous companies. The least useful ones are your ex-schoolmates/friends.

If you are fresh graduate, contact your previous teachers/lecturers who have close contact with you. Also, raise some external contacts in the Society whom you have worked with. (e.g. in your extra-curricular activities).

Remember to go through some discussion before you release your referees to your potential employers and make sure they say something "favorable" to you. But don't overdo and oversell you. That makes the employers have concern of your referees' credibility. Add some elements of "criticism" to you that needs improvement could make the conversation more informative and credible. Sometimes this is not a bad idea to have "rehearsal" with your referees. Check out the list below for possible questions

Here is a checklist of questions that the employers and head-hunters would usually ask your referees for your information:

1. Was his/her employment period in your company from   xxx to xxxx ?
(( Checking your resume information.))

2. Was his/her capacity of employment xxxxxx ?
(( Checking your previous title/job position as stated in your CVs.))


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