Use the "Call-to-Action" technique to get a job interview
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Use the "Call-to-Action" technique to get a job interview.

Use this technique to get a job interview.

In advertising copy writing, we like to use the "Call To Action" technique to conclude our advertisement. In fact, it is the most important section of a advertisement. Why? It is because it drives the very ultimate action you want your customers to carry out after they have read your carefully crafted sales copy.

In cover letter, what is the "Action" in "Call to Action"? It is, of course, asking the recruiters to invite you to an interview.

How to successfully drive the recruiters to meet you? Here are some techniques.

Deliberately insert the words "Call me", "Contact me", "Arrange a meeting with me", etc throughout your cover letter. Use active voice. According to studies, human minds are receptive to subliminal orders. You are unconsciously telling the recruiters to grant you an interview.

Make a promise in your cover letter what you can achieve in the interview with focus on their business problem. (What's exactly a business problem? Refer to the article:

Write what you can help solving some of the anticipated problems if an interview is granted. Some of the promising agenda could be how you are going to save them money using some techniques which you can share. What is actually missing in their job descriptions that you think is vital to their recruitment success.

Conclude your cover letters with missing but interesting information to your interviewers. Explicitly state that the information is sensitive and that could only be reviewed when there is an interview arranged. This is a very powerful technique. There would be more on this topic in our coming articles.

Remember you should not only write how good you are in cover letter. You should also urge them repeatedly to meet you in exchange for your precious information. Conclude with the call-to-action at the end of your letter with either an excuse for exchanging more information or an interesting but useful proposed agenda to them if an interview is arranged.

It does not matter if you really have the solutions to their business problem. You can always do the homework after you have been granted the interview. Or you can simply prepare some open questions so that you can work out the solutions on the spot with the interviewers.

What I stress here is you HAVE TO GET THE CHANGE TO MEET THEM or you have no way to tell them how good you are and practise other interview tactics.

Use this technique in your cover letter.

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Damen Choy

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