Job Interview Tips and Answers Sample Resume References, Job Interview thank you notes .
Dedicated to help you succeed in your job interviews and life,
Job Interview Tips and Answers Sample Resume References, Job Interview thank you notes
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Dedicated to help you succeed
in job interviews and life


We are all very busy every day. Each day we have a list of things we need to finish by the end of the work day. In most cases, it is routine work and we do it without knowing why we are doing it. And very frequently, the things that deserve a high priority don't get accomplished....................How to solve this?

15 Minutes a Day, Keep Your Evil Away

Do you have this question in your life? "What am I heading for? " You should have your own ability to find out the answer. How? There is a simple but effective exercise you can do everyday

ARE YOU AN EFFECTIVE MANAGER? A Valuable Technique to Becoming an Effective Manger

Managing people is always a headache. How do you motivate your staff? Do they always seem to fail to follow your instructions? Do you think that they're either unqualified for the task or just absent-minded? Not only are these questions that as a manager may have about your staff, but often an interviewer may have these same questions when they're looking to hire new managers.The writer of a best-selling book series, Timothy Gallwey, gives us an answer that you may think goes against conventional wisdom.

USE YOUR IMAGINATION!!! Boost your performance in job interviews!
This exercise is simple but powerful. You can boost your job interview performance by following a simple exercise - one that lets you use your imagination. Apart from job hutning, you can actually achieve other dreams easily by regularly practising it. Go on reading.....

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: The Key Strategy for Success in the Game of Job Hunting
The more interviews you attend, the more practice you get, and the better you will be at playing the game of job hunting. But what if there is only one position I'm interesed in? How about if I apply for many jobs like you've suggested, but none of them invite me in for an interview? Here is the answer....

How to write better - another key to your career success
Many people fail to write because they don't think they can write. But the fact is, you can write. Every one can write. And once you start to write, you improve your reading comprehension, presentation and intellectual ability at the same time. It looks like taking a magic pill that boosts every aspect of your intellectual performance. So practice writing NOW.

Read better - your key to success in life and career
Reading is your key to survival. We are in the information world. There is no doubt whether we have enough information. What worries us is how we can digest and incorporate the new information in our job and life. Can you imagine that you can grasp more than 50% of the ideas brought about by a book within the first few minutes of reading? Have you ever thought of the possibility that you can master the concepts and ideas from the author without having really started to read his/her book? If you want to know more, continue reading......

Coaching - Using it effectively to transform yourself and others..

You might have a question -- is coaching useful in my career? YES -- it is. Learning effective coaching skills can help you be a successful boss and a good co-worker and employee, as well as a better parent and a supportive spouse. These skills will be applicable in every corner of your life.

Your Five Attributes that HR people is Looking for
Why do you need to know how HR people screen job seekers? You need to know because it helps you prepare for job interviews! There are five core attributes that HR people screen for. You need to know what those attributes are in order to be fully prepared.

Know Thyself - Use Enneagram to Know Your Character
Understanding the different natures of personality that exist can help you have a better understanding of your co-workers, your spouse, your children, your parents, etc. and most importantly, yourself as well.. will more easily discover where your passions lie and therefore your career direction

Learn from Colin Powell's career - The Number One Principle in Employee-Employer Relationship
What can we learn from Powell's service as the U.S. Secretary of State? If what others have commented about Powell is right, he is a good example of a loyal employee to the Bush administration - an employee who gets his job done despite the fact that his personal opinions and recommendations are not accepted. I do believe he has earned the respect of more than 90% of the world's leaders for his remarkable work, ability, and dedication.

Strategies That Let You Take Control of Salary Negotiations
What should you do when an employer offers a salary that is below your expectations? These strategies will put you in control of the negotiation

Get the Salary You Deserve: Using the Right Strategy in Salary Negotiation When you are asked about your salary expectation in a job interview, how do you respond? If you answer right away without a strategy, you need to rethink your approach. The fact is that sharing your expectations puts you at an immediate disadvantage.. .......

Superman Remains Super Forever In Our Minds

Was Christopher Reeves's life a tragedy? Many people would look at him and say "yes." To him, it was not. He chose instead to have an incredibly positive attitude and belief in himself and in life. The doctors told him he will never walk again. His response was: "It's not a matter of IF I will walk again, it is just a matter of WHEN and HOW."

Join to Speak Up, Join the ToastMasters Club
Do you have problems making public presentations? Are you nervous when you stand in front of a large group of people to speak? Do you want to enhance your presentation skills but you just cannot find cost effective ways? I have a suggestion for you .......

Remove the Limiting Beliefs that Hinder You from Peak Performance in Job Hunting
You are a unique person and you have enormous power over your own mind. You can achieve whatever you want to achieve. It is just a matter of believing in yourself. To reach the highest performance in your resume-building and job interviewing, you have to have confidence in yourself first.

How to achieve everything you want in life
I'm going to tell you how to change from head-to-toe with just a little technique. You're going to: Accomplish every goal in your mind. Finish your tasks on-time and in a systematic manner. Never regret what you have done or not done. Increase your productivity by 10-fold. Achieve your long term goals in a clear and systematic manner

How to Increase Your Power of Persuasion

Though it is not a simple subject, I want to point out only three habits that I want you to pick up - just three habits. You should use ALL three habits before you'll notice the dramatic improvement they can bring to your presentation. Lastly, you can tell the magic of these habits only if you truly believe that they can transform you from head to toe.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Job Interviewees

Learn these habits and incorporate them into your job-seeking life. Enjoy your success in job hunting

The Shorter your resume, the more Powerful it is
The best resume should have one page only. Yes, you got it, one page. Here is how to write a powerful one-page resume.

How to increase your affinity with numbers?
The affinity with numbers is the common intelligence among senior management people. Here are the ways to increase it....

How to choose your career? Decide it from the Information Supply Chain Perspective
Don't choose to become the middle management of a company or you'll be eliminated in the future. Why? Read this article.....

How To Get As Many Job Interviews As You Want
How to successfully drive your recruiters to meet you? Here are some techniques....................What I stress here is you HAVE TO GET THE CHANGE TO MEET THEM or you have no way to tell them how good you are and practise other interview tactics. This technique is crucial to your job huntings.

How To Answer Difficult Questions In Job Interview Using This Unique Technique
The Seek-And-Reply technique allows you to understand more clearly the interviewers' question; Gain rapport with your interviewers and engage them in your presentation; Take control of your answer presentation to achieve your desired performance

Build Your Work Inventory Around Your Recruiter's Business Problem
This article focuses on how to build your work inventory to aid your cover letter writing. The strategy described in this artcile can make your cover letter very powerful, and promise you a guaranteed result immediately.

Use This Little Secret in Writing a Good Cover Letter

This article is going to reveal a little secret you can use when writing a successful cover letter. If you do it right, you can attract the interviewers' attention and encourage them to read on how you justify yourself to be the right person for that opening. This is a secret especially for you. Use it wisely when writing your cover letter.

Use the Business Problem Concept to Win in Job Hunting.
Do you have this experience? You have sent out a lot of job application letters out but do not get any response. Do you wonder what's going wrong with your work? Is it your cover letter, or your resume that doesn't do the job?

Learn from a great leader - Ex-President of USA, Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan retired with the highest personal popularity among all Presidents of USA. One thing we can learn from his leadership is his delegation technique. Perhaps this is the reason why a man of limited knowledge and intelligence can accomplish so much. To delegate does not mean to give away your tasks and responsibilities without control......

Keep Talking After Formal Interview Time

Imagine the following scene after your interview..........You sweat and talk and finally you come to the end of the interview. After shaking hands with the interviewers, did you leave the room immediately without even looking back? If you did, you've lose the valuable time to beat other candidates.

The One-Third-Page Rule of Cover Letter

Study shows that more than 80% of cover letters ended in the trash bin without being read for more than three seconds. In deed, it is. People are busy and recruiters are especially busy when they have to screen a huge pile of application letters.They cannot afford spending much time on each cover letter. You have to attract them the first instance they open your cover letter.

How to conquer a job interview for a sales position?
How to out pace other applicants for a sales position? The solution is how successfully you can sell to your interviewers. Here are some bottom-line strategies:

Arrive 15 minutes earlier to beat other job seekers
There is no doubt that you should be punctual when attending interviews. What I am asking you to do is to even further increase your chance of success by arriving 15 to 30 minutes earlier in your interview. There are a lot of reasons of doing that.............

Get a good referee for your success in job seeking
One thing the employers always want to have is a background and reference check of the candidates interviewed. No matter you are going through the consultant or yourself to apply for a job, please have some "ready" referees whom the employers can contact for soliciting your information.

How do you make you staff live up to your expectations?
The key to this question is how quick and confident you can answer the question. Even though you have a good answer but if you react slowly and indecisively to this question, the interviewers would be doubtful about your practical experience in managing people.

Do you know the market position of your prospective employers?
1. Do you know any players in this particular field? 2. Do you know the biggest player in our field? 3. What do you think is the most threatening competitors in your field? Why? 4. How do you find your present company's market positioning?

Do you think money is important in your life?
When talking about money, always balance the importance of it by the eternal goals it can help you attain. Remember to comment that money is only a tool. The motivations behind getting money is to help you achieve your dreams and visions in life.
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Remember it is for you! Job Interview Tips and Answers Sample Resume References, Job Interview thank you notes

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