Job Interview Tips and Answers Arrive 15 minutes earlier to beat other job seekers
Job Interview Tips and Answers , How to conquer a job interview for a sales position?
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Interview Technique
Arrive 15 minutes earlier to beat other job seekers

Arrive 15-minutes earlier for your job interview to beat other job seekers

There is no doubt that you should be punctual when attending interviews. What I am asking you to do is to even further increase your chance of success by arriving 15 to 30 minutes earlier in your interview. There are a lot of reasons of doing that.

1. You give yourself enough time to clam down your beating heart for your journey to the interview. Give yourself a break when you arrive. That makes you less nervous and easier to clam down out of the busy traffic.

2. Arriving earlier gives you chance to meet some other interviewees pitching the same job. At least you know who they are and what they look like. You get more information of what the potential employers are looking for.

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