Use Advertising Copy Writing Technique in Cover Letter Writing
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Use this Secret in Cover Letter Writing.

This article is going to reveal a little secret you can use to write a successful cover letter.

Before we start, please refer to the article

In this article, we talked about 80% of cover letters are to be ended up in trash bin without being read for more than 3 seconds by recruiters.

We also talked about The Business Problem Concept of Job Hunting in the article with link below:

Study the above articles before you move on ......

Firstly, remember to write your cover letter with the Business Problem Concept in mind.

What problems are you going to solve for your prospective employers? Are you sure you are the right one? Or let me rephrase it. How can you present yourself to be the right one to solve their business problems?

Go and study your employers' background and the company history. And then study why they hire for that particular position. Can you get any hints from the job descriptions? If not, how can you research more on that?

Can you phone them to ask for more information?
Can you contact some of the people you know in this company to discuss?
Can you research form their public publications?

When you have done all this homework, write it down for yourself how to answer these questions:

What are their business problems for this opening?
Why are you fit for them?
How can you convince them by giving evidence?

The business problems are most likely falling into these categories:
- Marketing needs
- R&D needs
- Financial management needs
- Human resources management needs
- Business operation needs

Okay. Let's begin writing your cover letter. In your one-third-page area, use this strategy to write:

Start your cover letter by questions.

For example:

Are you looking for the best salesperson to expand your customer base?
Are you looking for a pro-active management accountant to take care of your business data analysis?
Are you looking for a creative engineer to work in the new chip design?

The formula is to use a Question

In which you have the Position with

an Adjective (that you think you can fit to )

for an Business Problem they have

If you do it right, the interviewers would be attracted to keep on reading how you justify yourself to be the right person for that opening.

This is the secret only for you. Use it wisely in your cover letter writing

From the Desk of
Damen Choy

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