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Boost your performance in job interviews!
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Boost your performance in job interviews!

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If you think you have some unknown obstacles in your mind that hinder you from getting your dream jobs. Try this exercise.

This exercise is simple but powerful. You can boost your job interview performance by following a simple exercise - one that lets you use your imagination. Apart from job hutning, you can actually achieve other dreams easily by regularly practising it. Go on reading.....

This exercise is based on the 6-step formula developed by Napoleon Hill in his classic book, Think and Grow Rich. This is a particularly effective way to help you utilize your subconscious mind to empower your personal influence in your next job interview.

Many studies have shown that our mind is much more powerful than we can imagine. A large amount of our mind's potential rests in the unknown area buried underneath our consciousness. It's called our subconscious mind. In chapters two and four of Hill's book, he described an exercise called Autosuggestion.

Before we explain how it works, let's outline the six-steps of Hill's Autosuggestion exercise for the job interview preparation.

  1. First, select a quiet place where you'll not be disturbed by anyone or any outside distractions. Close your eyes and say out loud the type of job you want to obtain. Describe it in as much detail as possible. Describe the work environment, the job scope, and the exact salary you want to receive.
  2. Then describe how you plan to obtain this job. Include how you will:
    • write stunning application letters and resumes;
    • behave professionally and effectively in your interview;
    • plan to answer the interview questions skillfully; and,
    • make up your mind to contribute your utmost talents to your new job.
    Feel the warmth and the energy flowing in your imagination!
  3. Next, get out your calendar and mark down a date by which you want to acquire this job. Make it realistic and comfortable for you.
  4. Reaffirm you belief by repeating that you can do this now. That there is nothing to stop you from doing this. You can already see the job you will be doing and the praise that you will be receiving from your managers for your excellent work in your dream job.
  5. Repeat this exercise once in the morning and again at night until you can truly imagine that you've gotten the job you want. Feel the emotions of having this job!
  6. Write down the statements you have made in Steps 1 and 2. Look at them before you sleep and upon waking in the morning until you have memorized them.

In my experience, there are two obstacles that hinder people from truly benefiting from this 6-step exercise:

  1. Skepticism. It is not unusual that you will experience this before you have fully felt the power of this exercise. The only thing you can do to overcome any skepticism is to repeat this exercise for 6 weeks without questioning the results.
  2. Failure to write down your statements. For reasons unknown, writing down your dream makes it ten times more likely to happen. Therefore, don't just think of your dream job. Write down and describe it in details.

This exercise connects your conscious mind to your subconscious mind and taps into its vast resources and puts them to work for you. In my belief, this is equal to prayers in many religions and the way that we try to convey our desires to the infinite intelligence. We'll talk more on this later.

In next newsletter, I'll explain why writing down your goals is so powerful by using illustrations from another writer.

Read the information about Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich, here: http://www.itotalsearch.com/bookstore.

It is regarded one of the most influential books in the "Laws of Success" of the 20th century. I have read this book more than a dozen times and I take away a wonderful new idea every time. How about you?

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Damen Choy

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