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Web Site Search Engine Optimization
We offer services for English and Chinese Websites

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The website's value to a company largely depends on how easily a potential customer can find its website and finally enter into the business transaction with the website's owner. So it is largely related to technique of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the Conversion Ratio (CR) of the website's visitors to become its customers.

We offer helps in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Our view of SEO defines a broader issue of using all marketing techniques in Internet Communication to locate your website. It includes

Keyword Optimization - how you can escalate your keyword ranking in a particular search engine's listing. It includes the careful choosing of keywords and the content building strategies related to the targeted keywords.

Page Ranking - how you can elevate your webpage relative importance (Page Rank) in Search Engines as compared with other web pages. It involves buying inbound link and trading link with affiliate sites.

Content Building - how to increase your website resilience by increasing the value of its contents

Pay-Per-Click Keyword Campaign - how you can use the most effective direct marketing machine in Internet: The Google Adwords and Overtue. You can expose your website to targeted customers in a minute by Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaign.

Web Site Traffic Generation - Viral e-Book Marketing, PR Activities and other state-of-art marketing tools like Blogger and RSS News Channel.

We can handle or assist you in a wide range of tasks required to set up and start your Website. Contact us for your enquiries!

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