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Learn from a great leader
Ex-President of USA, Ronald Reagan.

It is sad to hear that Ronald Reagan has passed away. He is regarded by me as one of the smartest USA Presidents so far.

Ronald Reagan retired with the highest personal popularity among all Presidents of USA. One thing we can learn from his leadership is his delegation technique. As described by Peter Wallison in his new book "Ronald Reagan",

Mr. Reagan had the ability to select good people and then delegate the authority and the responsibility to get the task done. He guided the people by setting policy and goals.

I discussed the importance of delegation in my book "A Better Interview, Questions and Techniques" in which I would like to draw your attention to the important skill of utilizing this technique.

To delegate does not mean to give away your tasks and responsibilities without control.

To delegate requires you to setup a control and monitor system so that once you have assigned the job to your subordinates and teammates, you have to devise the periodical follow up and review of their progress on the tasks.

And more importantly, to adapt your delegation to the ever-changing business environment and the unexpected results in your progress review.

Mr. Reagan did a good job in adapting his delegations. Mr. Wallison was one those who were "delegated" by Reagan to help cleaning up the mess in some wrongdoings during his presidency.

Perhaps this is the reason why a man of limited knowledge and intelligence can accomplish so much. Regan presided over a great time of prosperity and his eventual winning of the Cold War against ex-USSR.

So no matter you are now in management role or not, remember to aid your work by successful delegation, the delegation with control and review.

Let us remember Ronald Reagan and his great works on this Friday, the National Mourning of USA for Ronald Reagan.

From the Desk of
Damen Choy

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