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How to write better - key to your career success
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How to write better - another key to your career success:

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Many people fail to write because they don't think they can write. The self fulfillment prophecy makes it come true.

But the fact is, you can write. Every one can write. And once you start to write, you improve your reading comprehension, presentation and intellectual ability at the same time. It looks like taking a magic pill that boosts every aspect of your intellectual performance.

Why? Writing forces you to use your brain. It presses you to organize your ideas and manage your knowledge more properly in your mind. Before you can fully understand and master the knowledge, you cannot communicate it clearly to others. And writing accelerates this process.

This is the reason why the hiring managers always look into the communication skills and presentation skills of a candidate. Apart from the consideration for the actual job requirement, the interviewers also want to find out how proficient a candidate masters his/her knowledge as reflected by how well they communicate in writing and in presentation.

So practice writing NOW.

You may have two questions in your mind: What to write and how to write?

The easiest way to start is to write about the subjects you are interested in or that are related to your job. Now, you might have another question in mind. Who'll read my writing? Who has interest? There is at least one such person in the world --- yourself!

I don't know if you have had this experience: You've finished reading a book. The book is so good. You think you can memorize by heart the stuff you have just gone over. But as time goes by, when you have another chance to read the same book again, you've found that you have forgotten a lot of things in the book. Why? Your memory fades away easily. Even though you can acquire the great comprehension power following the reading habits we talked about last time, but if you don't write down your ideas and thoughts, your freshly acquired knowledge cannot stand the time.

So why not help keeping your memory long in your mind by this tool - writing? Write down the thoughts. Write a short article highlighting the ideas and your experience related to the book.

And you'll be greatly benefited later by reviewing the stuff you have written down. I Guarantee!

Studies show that only 5% of the population has the habit of writing down their ideas and thoughts. And we believe writing is closely related to the exceptional intellectual performance of a person. Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci, all these great thinkers and scientists in human history had this habit. Are you ready to be one of them?

The secret to good writing is rewriting. Remember this phase: "This is not good writing, but rewriting". Good writing starts when you can write as freely as possible without worrying about what and how to write. This lets your subconscious mind pop up precious ideas for you.

If you have difficulty in generating enough ideas, try drawing pictures. Grab a piece of paper. Write them down in pictures and words. Spend 15 minutes on this exercise. Don't think and criticize the things you are drawing. Just draw it.

After that, reassemble your writing by picking up the ideas on that piece of paper. If you have no idea how to structure your article, the simplest thing is to arrange it into three parts -- the introduction, the content, and the conclusion.

Then start rewriting. Restructure the words, phases, and ideas. Rewrite them in different orders of ideas. Normally, you'll find you have reached 80% perfection of the article after the first re-writing. And it approaches 90% after another round of rewriting. Is it easy?

Try to edit one or two more times. Then you should have a piece of article reaching about 95% perfection.

Is that enough? Yes, it is in most cases. If you really want a good piece of article (for whatever reason, say you want to use it in a job related presentation), ask someone to review it. It does not matter if that person is good at writing or not. If he/she is good at writing, ask them for the comments on the grammars and sentence structure. If they are not good at writing, consult them for the ideas and thoughts that are brought out by the article.

So you are ready to be a good writer now. Why not write your first article about writing after you have read this article?

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Damen Choy

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