The Business Problem Concept of Job Hunting.
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Use the Business Problem Concept
to Win in Job Hunting.

The Business Problem Concept of Job Hunting.

Do you have this experience? You have sent out a lot of job application letters out but do not get any response. Do you wonder what's going wrong with your work?

Is it your cover letter, or your resume that doesn't do the job? There can be millions of reasons behind. What I want to point out is: don't get frustrated and upset. The problem MAY NOT be on you. Concentrate in your present job hunting work. If you are interested to know why you are not getting an offer, subscribe to my newsletter here: I have included a report explaining why you are not accepted for an application. This is a bonus to my newsletter subscribers.

To win the game of job hunting, firstly, you have to understand why employers hire. They hire not because they want more people to work for them. Every hire is an important but painful decision. Think about this: they have to choose from among a number of alternatives before they decide to hire. They need to spend the hard earned money to hire.

The alternatives can be transferring internal manpower to help, or outsourcing the task. It is not uncommon that they are still considering these alternatives even after they have put the job advertisements to print.

Every new hire implies that the employers have a business problem they need someone to solve. If they are hiring a legal staff, it might be that they have too many legal matters to be solved. If they are hiring a salesperson, it might be that they have some new products and thereby, need an experienced salesperson to handle.

And you are not simply applying for the openings. You come to them to help solve their business problems.

The job hunting concept you should bear in mind is how to sell yourself as the right people to solve their problem.

Start today. Go and research job openings with this concept in mind. Put yourself in their shoes. Are you the right person to solve their business problems? What exactly is their business problem related to a particular opening? How can you find it out? Do you have any particular quality that can solve their problems?

Job seekers make a common mistake. They keep on telling the recruiters how good they are without even understanding what their prospective employers are looking for. They stress things that are irrelevant to the employers' business problem. They are not hired eventually.

The Business Problem Concept of Job Hunting helps you avoid making this common mistake.

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Damen Choy

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