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15 minutes a day, keep your evil away
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15 minutes a day,
keep your evil away!

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As a career coach, I always remind my clients to stay calm when they are in difficulties. Our lives are busy. It is too easy for us to be distracted by the happenings in our surrounding ever day. Gradually, we are lost. We lose the direction.

Do you have this question in your life?
"What am I heading for? "

Again, just like what I have talked last time, I could not give you the answer. You should have your own ability to find out the answer.


There is a simple but effective exercise you can do everyday. It is "daydreaming".

Yes, you've got it. Daydreaming!

Find a place where you can relax your eyes by looking at distant things. For example, you can lean out of a window to look outside of your building.

Keep yourself out of disturb of phone, people, etc. Take a deep breath to relax yourself. Slow down your thought and gradually try not to think of anything.

This is a technique similar to meditation. In fact, I call it open-eyed meditation.

Your brain is very powerful. Our unconscious mind is constantly helping us to find out what is the best for us. It is just that we are too busy and too distributed by our surroundings that we have lost contact with our unconscious mind.

This exercise is to let you cool down your emotion and start to get connected with your mind and your body. Gradually you would find you more easily to find out and follow your goals and career objectives even you are buried in your day-to-day busy work.

This technique can be combined with another technique I have shown you before:
"How to increase your productivity and achieve everything you want in life" available here:

Right after 15-minutes of this exercise, go back to your seat and write down anything that pops up from your mind. You'll be amazed at the quality of the ideas and thoughts that come up in this way. It is because you are now using the very best time to learn the messages from your unconscious mind. Of course, it is trying to guide you to your best interest.

Practise this 15-minute open-eyed meditation every day and tell me how you feel. I'm sure you would find yourself more focused on what you have been doing everyday and more easily to achieve your goals in your life.

From the Desk of
Damen Choy

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